Kashmir is called as the adobe on Earth. The place is famous for its beautiful cultural heritage and its scenic beauty. The history of the land shows that it is one of India's unique place as the land was settled by a famous Sage Maharishi Kashyap Muni and because of that the name of the land were named Kashmir and after that Sufism became popular in the region and today Kashmir follows the path of Kashmiriyat and welcomes many tourists from across the world because of the beauty it has in its nature. The Dal Lake in Srinagar the capital of the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir is also named as the lake of flowers or Srinagar' Jewel because it is the biggest tourist attraction of Srinagar, the shikara ride in the lake make feel every tourist so special and peaceful so that one can lost in its beauty. Snow can be seen in Gulmarg and tourists enjoy the place.